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Established in 2000, Gopika Gems Exporter is a fast-growing Gemstone Processing Company. Recognized by the Indian Government as an Export House, Gopika Gems Exporter imports rough gemstones, Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones, Natural gemstones, Blue topaz gemstone processes and exports polished gemstones to different regions globally. We also provide certified wholesale loose gemstones at best price. Gopika Exports is a leading exporter and gemstone manufacturer in india, gemstones exporters in india, and Exporter of a proven range of all gemstone at wholesaler rates. 

We love to provide exclusivity and therefore we have come up with some good gemstones options which can be delivered on any popular occasion. Our online portal has showcased some of the best wholesale gemstones that can be delivered with the help of our same day delivery services.

Natural Gemstones

For great deals on natural gemstones, you've come to the right place! Shop natural gemstones for jewelry making and more from Gopikaexports. Get to know all you need about gemstones – the history, facts, quality factors, treatments, imitations and much more here at Gopikaexports.

Natural gemstones are a miracle of nature that takes hundreds of millions of years to form. They are the hardest natural material on Earth, and they are excellent heat conductors and have many industrial uses. However, the top 30 percent of gemstones, those that are exceptionally bright and beautiful, end up in the jewelry industry and eventually find their way onto the fingers, ears, and necks of elated consumers. A natural gemstone refers to a stone made through geologic processes, and some are exceedingly valuable depending on their condition, so it is important for shoppers to know how to spot them.