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Four Ways How to Buy Rough Uncut Colored Gemstones From Suppliers

Friday, August 18, 2017 2:52:32 AM America/Los_Angeles

Most of us want to buy gemstones as they are well known for their brilliance and durability. Buying gemstones can be confusing and complicated for first time buyers. How to choose cut, shape and quality can be very difficult; so many people want to spend their money on rough and uncut gemstones. Rough gemstones are generally purchased by those people who prefer a particular cut and shape which is not available in pre cut gemstones. Rough gemstones are easily available in market at affordable price, but you should know how to buy them. You can find them at best price or it may be a great money saving deal for you. But you should be aware of fraud or any scam. You should be well aware about the market rates and products before buying them. Here we have mentioned important points that you should consider in order preventing yourself in getting trapped in any scam while buying a rough gemstone.

1. Always use an accredited and respected seller:

You should choose the reliable seller who has been working in this field for long time. Genuine Gemstones are hard to find but an experienced and professional supplier can assure you an authentic gemstone of utmost importance. You may have to some extra bucks but you can save on fake or illegally stolen gemstones.

2. Look for an ethical or conflict-free product.

You should not purchase a gemstone that is unethically sold. You should invest in a gemstone which is certified since these gemstones are conflict free.

3. Always seek an expert's advice.

You should take the advice of an expert while buying the diamond. Well, you may have to spend some extra money but his company and advice can be very useful for you.

4. Have your rough gemstone appraised before and after you bring it to a jeweller.

Nobody wants to be a victim or get trapped in any scam. You should inform your jeweller that you would get gemstone appraised after the cutting and shaping too. It helps prevent any jeweller fraud that may be possible during cutting/shaping of gemstone.

There are some more important factors that you can consider while making gemstone purchasing from any online store:

You should check the dimensions given for the rough gemstones. Images that you see on any online store are magnified so you can have a better stone view. Magnified view makes the gemstone appear larger than actual size. Many buyers get surprised when they receive small sized gemstone.

Colour of gemstone may vary when you get it. Colour may depend on different lighting conditions and computer monitors. An honest seller always tries to adjust images that match with exact colour. So look for reliable supplier such as Gopika Exports in order to get genuine gemstone. Here you will get high quality and genuine gemstones at best price. You can find wide range of products here by best rough gemstones suppliers. So choose a reliable and professional seller to get a genuine gemstone.

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