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Effective Use of Natural Gemstones in Astrology

Thursday, July 27, 2017 1:20:41 AM America/Los_Angeles

Gemstone Astrology

Gemstones have a great significance in Vedic astrology. They are used from ages of ages to rescue from the problems caused by planets. Earlier, only the kings and high level of people used to wear gemstones and have their useful and effective benefits that were recommended by astrologers. But today, anybody can get the benefits of natural gemstones by wearing it. People are getting many benefits after wearing certain gemstones and this has created high demand of gemstones in the field related to astrology. They are benefiting people in every area of their life such as business, education, illness, etc. Today, every person is taking advantages of these gemstones. Experts say that only the natural gemstones can give you the desired benefits. According to Vedic astrology our 9 planets represent the 9 special kinds of gemstones.

The sun is represented by ruby. Moon by pearl, mars by coral, mercury by emerald, Jupiter by sapphire of yellow color, Venus by diamond, Saturn by blue color sapphire, rahu by hessonite and ketu by cat’s eye. It is very important and necessary to know about the gemstone that you are going to wear if that is going to give you good or harmful effects according to your horoscope. Before you wear a gemstone you should definitely consult an experienced astrologer.

Effective Use of Natural Gemstones in Astrology

  •  Ruby: it is the most expensive gemstone which is worn for sun. It has been considered as the most valuable gemstone on the earth. It is liked by most of the people due to its wonderful color, excellent hardness and an overwhelming brilliance. India is considered as the birthplace for ruby. Ruby is being used to offset the weakness of the sun in the horoscope. In short, the wearer of this stone is generally favored with good health, position and prestige. People related with field of engineering, architecting, high court judges can wear it with great advantage.

  • Pearl: it is a type of shining gemstone which comes in several verities of shellfish. Pearls usually comes from Basrah and Gulf countries are of pure quality and recommended the most as they are highly beneficial. They particularly help in reducing tensions, stomach ailments and marital discards. It has been said that if this gemstone is worn on neck by ladies, it will preserve their chastity. It has influence over heart, blood and mind. It increases the self confidence in the wearer.

  • Coral: it is precious gemstone which is of bright red color and it also comes in lighter shades. It flourishes at the hollows of the seas. It is a most affective gem that helps in healing ailments like anemia, general debility, weakness, body pain, cough, cold, etc.

There are several gemstones that have their own healing and metaphysical properties. You can find the authentic gemstone and use it for lots of purposes. They are also available as per your zodiac sign and have great importance in every phase of your life. so choose right one for you from right gemstone supplier. 

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